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Modesto’s Third Party Affiliates

Much of the modern Universal Life Church Modesto business is little more than an affiliate marketing scheme with little to no connection to the good works assumed by a church name. The Modesto mother church has chosen to ally itself with multiple referring corporations on the Internet. These third party organizations record ordinations, accept orders, and send their records to Modesto for processing – happily taking a cut of the profits and leaving ministers in the dark.

Of the moneys received by the trio of Universal Life Church Seminary, the Modesto church, and, there is no transparent evidence of any good works such as donations to charitable organizations. – Complicity with FraudUniversal Life Church Seminary

Prior to the 2004 inception of, Amy Long was responsible for the management of former ULC official Daniel Zimmerman’s business. Zimmerman and Long had entered into a private deal for the sale of (a Non-Profit Organization.) for a large sum of money, despite it being illegal for private parties to sell or profit from nonprofit corporations.  That deal soured, however, and Long copied’s membership files and site design, and opened

Compare the two sites from the same day in 2004:

Enlarge Image Old Universal Life Church September 26th, 2004) Enlarge ImageUlcseminary old September 26th, 2004)

Zimmerman and Long did not seek permission from The Monastery’s board of directors in this matter (a requirement for the transition of a nonprofit organization), nor did they disclose such until the deal was in its final stages. When the Board publicly requested clarification of these negotiations between Long and Zimmerman, no explanation was granted.

Long also attempts to subvert her former employer by erroneously alleging that the validity of ordinations from The Monastery are questionable. (The Monastery’s incorporation records). – Perpetrating SlanderUniversal Life Church ULC.NET is not a church, though a quick website visit could make one think otherwise. It is a for-profit business, privately owned by Kevin Andrews, d/b/a ULC Bookstore, who pays the Hensley family in Modesto to be “Authorized,” and pays royalties for selling Modesto’s ministry supplies.

ULC.NET is strictly a for profit entity.

As it explicitly states on their website:

“Please do not contact headquarters regarding orders placed through the ULC Bookstore []. They will direct you to contact us.”


In Mr. Andrews’ forum the ULC Monastery’s legitimacy is regularly called into question. Again, these allegations are fictitious (The Monastery’s incorporation records).

We encourage you to contact Amy Long for more information:

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